Autumn at Edinburgh Coaching Academy

Autumn has well and truly arrived, and at ECA we are gearing up for a busy period of in-house programmes. It is also a really good time to take stock, to notice how we are working together, what we have achieved, what our own development needs are. As coaches we tend to turn to Supervision when thinking about our coach development. Supervision offers us a really positive space to reflect more deeply on ‘who we are’ in our work, it allows us to gently restore the balance, offering a calm space to be rather than do. It takes a period of time as a coach to truly understand and value the importance of supervision, we are too busy getting to grips with coaching tools and models, preparing assignments, finding coachees, taking part in peer work : and all of this is normal.

However when you are ready to move from reassurance to deeper insight, when you are beginning to doubt yourself, when you perhaps want to experiment further or are feeling stuck with a client– that is the time to seek support from a qualified coaching supervisor. Choosing your supervisor takes time, and having clarity on what you need is key. So, if you haven’t explored supervision yet, then please do have a chat with Joanne, Diane or Alison, and we would be happy to offer some guidance.