Being ‘authentic’

Our key ethos is that to be a great coach requires great self-insight. We always say to our new delegates on our coaching programmes that coaching is really not about models and tools, it is about understanding yourself and bringing out your unique style and approach.

Being ‘authentic’ is not something you can learn, it’s about being comfortable with who and what you are, and showing a genuine interest in those around you. Of the many coaches I know, the authentic ones stand out clearly: they have a presence and calmness which is less about them, and more about being ‘tuned in’ to those around them. Difficult to describe but obvious when you see it in the flesh!! Within the Edinburgh Coaching Academy, we strive to enable our coaches to stand back and gain that self-insight – sometimes it can be a painful and difficult process – but those who do will have richer coaching conversations and more tangible outcomes with their clients.