Is it time to try a new approach to change?

Most of us accept that constant change is the norm for many organisations. Whether it is pressure to be more profitable, improve customer service, increase employee engagement or decrease stress levels, we are bombarded with the message that ‘things around here need to change’.  Interestingly though, many organisations have a ‘preferred way’ of managing change, using the same models they always have – even when they are not delivering the desired outcomes. I don’t know who said ‘do what you have always done and you get what you’ve always got’ but I think they had a valid point.

Edinburgh Coaching Academy has recently been working with the Church of Scotland on part of a project that aims to ‘revolutionise the Church’s support for Parish Ministers’.

Come along to our CPD Day at Edinburgh Napier University on 15th March and hear David Plews, Education and Training Secretary for the Church of Scotland share his experience of how taking a new approach to implementing change has delivered successful outcomes for them. If you are interested to hear more but can’t make it to the CPD Day please contact us on to arrange a chat.