My Journey of CPD as a Coach

When I first took on formal training as a Coach with ECA a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on knowing myself better before thinking about models, tools / techniques and approaches to coaching. Like many of my peers, I had gone in thinking ‘surely coaching is about other people and what makes them ‘tick’ & how I can influence that?’  Little did I know then that the quality of coaching I can offer is hugely dependent on an exciting (and sometimes challenging!) journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery!

There are a number of models and approaches for our development as coaches and although ‘not one-size fits all’, there appear to be a few things in common:

  • Development as a Coach is a continuous process of reflection, practice and being mindful of ourselves.
  • The support and challenge offered by a Supervisor is invaluable to it.
  • One of our biggest resources for learning is our peers and other practitioners i.e. the insight gained from sharing and learning from others’ experiences as Coaches.

Would you agree?

The last ECA CPD Day built on all of these principles and was an inspiring part of my development journey. It was friendly and thought-provoking, with plenty opportunity for ‘open space’ discussion, networking with colleagues and learning something new from the experience and insights of others. I am looking forward to the upcoming CPD Day on 15th March, as it promises to be focused on core concepts of CPD i.e. Supervision and Mindfulness and is no doubt, another one to watch out for! Hope to see you there.