The cornerstone of our business. We provide the highest quality one-to-one coaching service. We start with YOU, the individual, and support you to focus on the goals and priorities which will give you the outcomes you seek.

Our team of qualified, highly experienced coaches are skilled in a range of coaching approaches and are able to support you assess what you need. The demands placed upon the client in a professional coaching relationship are complex and wide ranging and we have a variety of tools at our disposal designed to enable the individual to meet those challenges.  In addition, all ECA coaches adhere to our Quality Standards and receive regular coaching supervision.

Our coaches have extensive experience of working with individuals at all levels throughout an organisation: from Board Members and Chief Executives to aspiring managers. We have particular experience of working with professionals, including lawyers, clinicians, engineers and academics.





Executive Coaching: Supporting executives and senior leaders in their roles.

Aspiring Managers: Helping you to build confidence and maximise your strengths, moving you towards your target role in a positive way.

Career and Transitions: Focused specifically around your career; moving into a new role, making an impact in your first 100 days, changing or exiting careers.

Whatever your need, whatever your position in the company – we can provide the right coach to support you. In essence coaching is about change. – we work with you to help focus on the areas that will give you the outcomes you seek.


Coaching supervision is the formal process of professional support for you as a coach. Investing in coach supervision develops you to become an even better coach by ensuring continuing development of YOU as the coach and the effectiveness of your coaching practice.

Our quality coach supervision sessions enable you to:

  • reflect on the work you are undertaking.
  • deepen your awareness and allows you to uncover new ways to work with your coaching clients.
  • further enhance your coaching skills and confidence.

At ECA we offer you one to one or group supervision depending on your requirements.

The Edinburgh Coaching Academy is also an accredited provider of the Certificate in Coaching Supervision (leading to ILM Level 7 Postgraduate Qualification.) We have two qualified and experienced supervision tutors who will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way, for more information please see our course overview.

“I have come on a journey of self-awareness, self-reflection and understanding the benefits of coaching – I am leaving confident, eager and I believe a better person. Coaching is not as I originally thought – how can a conversation with a stranger possibly help – it 100% can!