Mindfulness – what is it and how to use it (Level 1)

£650.00 + VAT 2 days

This 2-day course is designed to introduce Mindfulness to those who wish to increase their knowledge of this area, both for themselves and for their clients. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated not only by clinical studies but by the increasing number of people testifying to its benefits. It is a quick, simple concept with obvious validity and relevance. Mindfulness techniques have been shown to help cope with the stress involved in the day-to-day challenges of work and everyday living and to improve overall well-being. This course is run in collaboration with APT (The Association for Psychological Therapies) – a key provider of training and education in therapy-based areas.

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This course is a practical introduction to Mindfulness and therefore assumes no prior knowledge. It is for anyone who would like to understand how Mindfulness can help them to take control of their work and life. It is also for coaches who would like to incorporate Mindfulness into their ‘toolkit’ and we will be looking at how you might use Mindfulness both for yourself and for your clients.


This two-day highly practical workshop will introduce you to the concept and techniques of Mindfulness. You will learn the elementary techniques – through demonstration and participation on the course. You will be introduced to the origins, research and thinking behind Mindfulness, and the basic concepts. If you work with clients, there will also be time to look at how you might incorporate some of these techniques into your coaching practice with clients.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Know what Mindfulness is – and is not
  • Be able to use Mindfulness techniques yourself
  • Be equipped to impart the benefits of Mindfulness with your clients and others, and help them to practice Mindfulness techniques
  • Receive certification of attendance from ECA and APT


Veronica (Ronnie) Freeman is a Mindfulness Practitioner and certified Mindfulness trainer. As a psychologist working in both private and public organisations, she is well-placed to share her practical experience of how Mindfulness can help individuals and clients deal with the stresses of change and challenge at work, and the sometimes debilitating effects on individuals – in their work performance and personal life. Ronnie is down-to-earth, gives great practical examples of using Mindfulness and really brings the concept to life in a highly engaging and practical way.


APT is a well-established and highly-regarded provider of psychology-based approaches, and the Edinburgh Coaching Academy are proud to be working in collaboration with APT on this programme.


“The most engaging course I have been on, the tutor (Ronnie) was second to none in not only keeping the material fresh and thought provoking, but in using humour, a personal touch and openness to imperfection.”

“This has been one of the best training events I have ever been on in many years. I was particularly impressed with the tutor’s flexibility in approach.”

“I was looking forward to this course and I was not let down. Mindfulness is such an important tool in today’s hustle bustle world…a must for everybody.”

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