Reflections on being a Speaker at ECA’s CPD Event

At the exhilarating ECA CPD event ‘Renew’, the response from those attending echoed what I find when delivering Mindfulness courses throughout the UK. Coaches seek practical advice on how they might introduce the Mindfulness approach in their work, so that clients might benefit from some extra support when the challenges they face become overwhelming. They are also looking for something which will help them personally to meet the demands of their coaching work and sustain their own well-being.

Whether coaching a Church Minister, a stressed employee, or a troubled daughter, on the day, attendees shared the view that Mindfulness had a lot to commend it as an additional support mechanism when the going gets tough.

In line with other speakers that day, the message was that the most effective consultation in any arena is underpinned by recognising the significance of paying compassionate attention to the “I am” of people, so that the “I do”  is more effective and has the best possible outcomes.

Mindfulness does just that.

The Edinburgh Coaching Academy will be running Mindfulness courses during this year where the beneficial effects of Mindfulness can be further explored and how these can be brought to clients in an accessible “no fuss” way.

You can find out more details here

I hope to meet up with some of you again then.

Ronnie Freeman