What’s happening in Coaching Across Europe?

This webinar, hosted by the Henley Centre for Coaching, aims to bring together hundreds of coaches from across Europe to hear the results and discuss the impact of the recent European Coaching and Mentoring Research Project. More than 3000 coaches took part across 50 European countries and the Edinburgh Coaching Academy was the Scottish research partner. The results provide a fascinating insight into coaching practice from coaching fees, to contracting, ethics, continuous professional development, training and coaching models.

The Webinar will be lead by Jonathan Passmore, researcher, author and coach, who will talk about the study, share the key results and the implications for coaching in Europe.

Copies of both the Executive European Reports and National Reports will also be available to download for free, so you can build a complete picture of coaching to help drive your coaching business forward.

The details about the webinar can be found here.

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Jonathan is also speaking at a number of national coaching conferences during 2018 in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Poland and the UK.